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Recovers storage space by recognizing and managing duplicate files
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FileFusion helps you recover valuable storage space, thus making your computer faster and allowing you to save more data. What makes it quite different from other duplicate finders is that it does not erase the file from its folder location. Instead, it uses a new technology, called File Fusion, to merge the duplicates into a single file. This way, the space on the hard disk is recovered because the duplicate file is replaced by a hard link pointing to the remaining file.

The program’s interface makes it quite easy to use as most of the operations can be done through wizards. In this respect, there is even a one-click scan that does almost everything for you. Still, if you have any difficulties, it is a good idea to watch the introductory video tutorial.

Fortunately, FileFusion lets you decide whether you want to scan the entire system, a drive or a given folder. It is good that the comparison does not rely solely on file name and size. Instead, the tool checks the digital fingerprint, which means that it can recognize two files with different names but the same contents as duplicates. The scan may take a while depending on your hardware and the amount of data to process. Then, you are provided with a list of duplicates for you to decide what to do.

FileFusion technology is safe in terms of preventing data loss. First, it is very easy to revert the changes made. Second, if you delete any of the duplicates, only its hard link is removed and the source data for the other instances are still accessible from disk. Finally, if you edit any of the instances, this will not affect the original file. Instead, a new copy of the file including the modifications is created.

The idea behind using FileFusion seems excellent to me and preferable to other technologies available. Still, the program may still need some improvements. First, I regret to say that it crashed once after installing. Likewise, I cannot find a way to schedule automatic cleanings.

All in all, FileFusion is certainly one of those programs deserving at least a try. In this sense, the technology used is worthy of your attention. The product is available from the developer’s website. Yet, the trial version can only optimize a limited percentage of the duplicates found. Moreover, it does not allow accessing the Advanced Settings. Finally, in addition to the Windows version, there are others for Mac and mobile devices.

Pedro Castro
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Review summary


  • Does not remove the file from its folder
  • One-click scan available
  • Lets you decide what to scan
  • Lets you select the duplicates you want to process
  • Safe in terms of preventing data loss


  • Crashed once
  • Does not support scheduling cleans
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